Bispeinnsettelse i Haydom

Søndag 19. januar i Haydom ble Nicholas Nzanganzelu innsatt som ny biskop. Han er den nye lutherske biskopen for Mbulu-synoden. Til stede var også biskop Stein Reinertsen i Agder og Telemark.

Her følger hilsen fra Stiftelsen Haydoms Venner framført av Lilli Ann Aanensen.

Inauguration of bishop Nicholas Nzanganzelu 
of ELCT Mbulu Diocese, 19th of January, 2014.

Greeting from The Foundation Friends of Haydom, its Chairman Thore Westermoen and all members, presented by Lilli Ann Aanensen (board member).

Honourable retired bishop(s), honourable elected bishop, general secretary, members of the Halmashauri Kuu,  pastors, the hospital board, Managing Medical Director, administration and staff of Haydom Lutheran Hospital,  respected colleagues and friends:

It is truly an honor for me to represent the foundation Friends of Haydom from Mandal, Norway (Usharika wa Marafiki wa Haydom, Mandal, Norway) at this inauguration of a new bishop to the ELCT Mbulu Diocese here today. 

Haydom Lutheran Hospital has had many thousand friends supporting them from Norway.  It all started when friends of Dr Ole Halgrim Evjen Olsen and Mama Kari in 1951 decided to start collecting funds to buy a small pick-up truck (Willy’s Jeep) to help Dr Olsen Mzee - Olaf Olsen, when he was planning to build the hospital in the early 1950’s.  From then, until today – thousands of children, students, men and women and professionals of all types (doctors, nurses, economists, teachers, plumbers, electricians, builders, scientists - and many more) have worked together to collect money, equipment and medicines to help the hospital.  Many will also remember how Mchungaji Yotam Girgis travelled to Norway in 1968 to visit churches, prayer groups and friends to establish the friendships and to create mutual understanding of the needs and the willingness to help.

Based on the needs as expressed by the hospital, the friends of Haydom have worked with synod leaders and bishops such as Bartholomayo Yonathan, Yoram Girgis and Zebedayo Daudi for more than 60 years!  

The 30th of January  2003, the Friends of Haydom, under the leadership of Harald Haagensen, succeeded to register as a Foundation in order to improve professionalism and be an even stronger support for the hospital. They had many activities and projects that they had agreed to be responsible for, and the foundation has now existed for more than 10 years!  As many of you know, the foundation Friends of Haydom is organized in three main groups – hospital support, school and culture support and farming support.

It has been our privilege to work with the now retired bishop Zebedayo Daudi over the past decade.  Together with the retired bishop we have witnessed a rehabilitation of the hospital, the introduction of a CT scanner to the hospital, new ambulances, support to secure electricity, improve treatment and care of mothers and children – and many, many more projects.    

We have also witnessed, and are proud to be a central part of, the establishment of the Haydom Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship Centre - born out of the hospital collaboration.  We see how this school is now capable of training young people to start their own business, and our hope is that they will also be able to serve the hospital and the society in the future. Also we are grateful that the farm project at Mulbadaw is developing momentum to be a support to the Haydom Lutheran Hosiptal and to the people in need in the area.   The list is long – but finally we are also humble and thankful for being represented on the hospital board, and we are grateful for the service and commitment shown by Right Reverend Jappe in this position.  

The Foundation Friends of Haydom wishes to extend its gratitude and gratefulness to the retired bishop Zebedayo Daudi and his administration, for the collaboration, good spirit and trust we have enjoyed over these years.  

We again feel privileged to witness the inauguration of, and to have the opportunity to work together with, the new bishop – askofu Nicholas Nzanganzelu.  The friends of Haydom in Norway are deeply grateful to the Mkutanu Mkuu (General Assembly) for electing you as their new bishop, together with the assistant to the bishop, pastor John Nade. We pray that you both will be blessed with wisdom, knowledge, love and joy in your new position.  We look forward to working closely together with you in the years to come, and together enable the hospital, the trade school and other projects to succeed. The foundation Friends of Haydom is still committed to continue their support to the hospital, the trade school and other projects, also into the future.  Our aim is not only to collect money, equipment and medicines, but also to contribute to building networks and collaboration and to facilitate capacity building and long term sustained development.  Some examples are our collaboration with other institutions such as the Sørlandet Hospital, secondary schools in Norway, Mandal County and the office of the bishop of Southern Norway – represented here today.  

The partnership between the Friends of Haydom, Haydom Lutheran Hospital and the ELCT Mbulu Diocese must be based on mutual understanding and trust.  As you will be aware there have also been some challenging times in the past.  The foundation Friends of Haydom is proud of being true to their main vision and objective – to support Haydom Lutheran Hospital and the people in greatest need of assistance.   Crucial to a successful partnership is the trust we place in each other, and the shared vision that whatever we do together – we do it to help people in need and for the projects to truly be “TO HIS PRAISE AND GLORY”.  

It is our wish that the collaboration between the ELCT Mbulu Diocese, through the Haydom Lutheran Hospital, the Haydom Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship Centre and other projects will be based on trust, professionalism, mutual understanding and love.  Mama Kari has always said that true partnership needs three U’s – Umoja (unity), Ujuzi (knowledge) and Upendo (friendship).

We remember and will strive to honor the words given to us by the former Prime Minister of Tanzania, Frederick Sumaye, at the funeral of the late Dr Olsen in 2005 – “grass should not grow on the path between friends”.

God bless you and God bless the ELCT Mbulu Diocese.  Asanteni sana – Mungu akubariki.